og™ Professional Augmented Design Tool Unline Anything Anywhere.


Ög is the iPad productivity tool that belongs in every interior designer's handbag.


Ög has a wide selection of beautiful home décor products for you to select from. The Ög experts work very hard to establish the best deals at trade wholesale prices, so you get to enjoy all the benefits.

Currently designers will find 9 brands listed, with a rapid growing list of 2D and 3D products available for purchase directly through the app. Ög professional users can also make requests to have 2D products become available in 3D, contact us for details.

We are always adding new brands and products to make selections available for purchase exponential! As we soon aim to have dozens of brands and thousands of products available at your fingertips, we save you days of wasted effort when sourcing individual products with hesitant clients. Your clients will be 135% more likely to purchase when viewing an augmented 3D version of a product in real time vs. viewing a catalog or a 2D image.

If you currently own a showroom then you are limited to a certain number of brands and products that can fit into your showroom space, with Ög you get access to a growing library of new brands and products with already established deals and drop shipping arrangements. Ög can be used as a showroom add-on to help you expand your already existing showroom, but the real magic happens in your client’s home!

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Participating Brands:

Adagio Water Features
BUTLER Specialty Company(tm)
Chairtech Modern Furniture
C. Jeré by artisan house
Pacific Green
Loloi Rugs